About AOM


We are a group passionate about physical and mental health, with a strong desire to encourage and challenge men struggling with their health to build balance and a healthy daily lifecycle that equips you to create longevity in your life. We are focused on the larger battle. Founded in 2019 by Ben Taylor, after a beginning a journey to overcome a serious battle with PTSD and severe anxiety that left him making an attempt to take his own life. The baseline of our message is improving men's mental health by living an active lifestyle with integrity and humility, to become the shepherd leaders we are called to be. 


Active Outdoor Men confronts physical and mental health wellbeing by training men to be ACTIVE, build a STRONG mind and body, and to LIVE with respect for themselves.


To build men into strong and capable family and community leaders. We need to be physically and mentally healthy: better husbands, better fathers, better friends, and better men. We will facilitate training and give you a guide to live your life.