FOB ACTIVE - Ohio Mar 31-Apr 2 [SOLD OUT]

FOB ACTIVE - Ohio Mar 31-Apr 2 [SOLD OUT]

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In order to recover from the traumas of our past, a man must fight the battle in front of him. He must re-train his heart, body, and mind. He has to confront his fears, take on risks, and reach the point of no return. At Forward Operating Base Active, we engage men on a 3-day mission to do just that. This is an expedition to take back your life.  Active Outdoor Men confronts mental health and physical health head-on by training men to be ACTIVE, with a STRONG mind and body, and to LIVE with respect for themselves.

We reside in a culture that teaches men to bury and suppress their feelings or tells us it is okay to be weak, out of shape, depressed, and riddled with anxiety. A culture that gives you an excuse to be lazy about your physical and mental health. In fact, the everyday life most men lead lowers their testosterone levels and puts a focus on it being okay to not be able to get up and play with their kids without being in pain. Modern society is lying to you. 

There is no growth without pushing your mind, body, and spirit.

"It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." -Socrates

FOB Active is a 60-hour development program for men who want to take control of their physical and mental health while teaching you to level up in every aspect of life!

FOB Active was developed by and is administered by men that have turned their shame, trauma, and failures into superpowers. Your instructors for this 60-hour experience are US Marine Corps Veteran and entrepreneur - Ben Taylor CPT, CNC, Dr. Doug Brackmann - a Psychologist and Mental Performance Coach to top-performing entrepreneurs, executives, and professional athletes, and retired ATF Special Agent Dr. Jason Wick - an expert on leadership development.

FOB Active is a 60-hour physically and mentally challenging experience designed to help you break through limiting beliefs, gain clarity on your purpose as a man, and help you level up in mindset, physical health, and meaning in life and in business! 

 Day 1: Mindful Precision with Dr. Doug Brackmann | Earning Your Silver Bullet

What you learn over the course of this day will change your life forever… you just have to let it. In this immersive experience, you will move through moments of hyper-focus and hypo-focus, you will be connected to your most primal instincts – nothing else matters as thoughts and emotions subside.

There will be a moment at the end of the day when everything comes together in fractions of a second as you press through the trigger and wait for it… ping! A few seconds after that shot rings out you hear it hit its intended target almost 1,000 yards away.

There is a moment of exhilaration, satisfaction, success, and freedom – freedom from everything that would have previously stopped you, freedom from the “cant’s, should’s, maybe’s, and someday’s,” freedom from the persistent battle between your internal state and your external state.

Day 2: The Longest Day - A Physical Journey with Ben Taylor | Earning Your Coin

Born out of his time in the Marine Corps, The Longest Day will show you the reality of the 40% rule and teach you how to harness it to overcome any physical and mental barriers in your path. Expanding on the mental precision day, The Longest Day is an 8-hour endurance and strength experience. 

There will be times throughout the day when you will think you cannot move another muscle, but as a team, we will work to overcome these hurdles using the mental tools built on day one and the physical tools being taught on day two. 

The motto of the day is ‘All it takes is all you got.’ This is a challenging day, but you will finish it a renewed and capable man. At the end of this day, you are different, your mind is stronger, your body is stronger, your spirit is high, and you have the tools to continue to build on those three tenants. You will earn your coin.

Day 3: Teamability - To Lead and be Led with Dr. Jason Wick | Earning Your Letter

Part of the path to owning your purpose is learning how to lead and be a strong member of a team at the same time. Like our physical and mental health, leadership development is a lifelong endeavor with the goal of populating your toolbag with the best tools available.

This is a classroom-focused experience that will elevate your capacity as a leader through practical and experience-based application.

Leadership goes beyond the title, everyone leads given different situations. Over the course of 6 hours, Dr. Wick will equip you with the toolset needed to be the leader you were meant to be for your family, spouse, business, and community. 

At the end of Teamability day, you will be stronger mentally, physically, and as a leader.

You can click here to book a 30-minute conversation with Ben to learn if FOB Active is for you.